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god within you: expanding self-expression and awareness through dance

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an initiative to empower the young generation

As we are experienced in international artist programs, performances and artistic openness we aim to connect with others, bring more harmony within our societies and open up the non-verbal and intuitive communication between us and between body and mind. As being both artists, scientists and coaches we combine Jungian psychoanalysis with coaching methods and healing techniques of movement. By using this methods we can become more aware of our subconscious patterns in both body and mind.

We focus on becoming more self-aware through performing arts such as dance, martial arts and music, our method is a fusion of contemporary/urban/afro-brazilian dance, shamanic dance and performance, traditional ritual practice and prayer. 
Working with others - especially the young generation - means a lot to us. For us,  performing arts - and especially dance - is a healing method - a method to explore, improvise, connect with its own intuition. 

Our method is a transformative method which spreads awareness about the connection of the body and mind and gives tools for expanding the capabilities of self-expression and -awareness. We would like to invite both professionals and non-professionals to experience the subconscious by transforming emotions - to become who we really are.